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All JCA amps are now equipped with the electronic power reduction POWER DIMMER as standard and at no extra cost. So far, JCA's BREAK BLOCK Attenuator has done this job absolutely sound neutral. The BREAK BLOCK will therefore continue to be included in the program, as it is ideally suited for all other tube amps up to 50 watts.
The power reduction now works electronically. Without any loss of sound, the amp can be infinitely reduced down to 0.25 watts of power. An external power soak becomes superfluous. By the way, the power tubes are spared and their life extended considerably.



"SRV in a box"

The new TEXAS FLOOD pedal is here! The delay should have been worthwhile, because the sound of the pedal could be improved again. It offers authentic SRV tone, so to speak a "Stevie in a box". The following control options are available: Sustain, Volume, Body and Sweet. All knobs work evenly and allow a very wide spectrum of sounds. The plug sockets and the stable footswitch are handwired. This makes the pedal very robust and guarantees a safe and trouble-free operation over many years. The electronic components are of the highest quality and selected for best sound quality.

Please check out my video clips.








New Video-Clips of the PLEXMAN and the FUZZ ACE:       



A new pedal is in work! It gives you the unique sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan. One could say a "Stevie in a box". There are four knobs: Sustain, Volume, Boby and Sweetness. The pots dial very even and give a extreme wide range of colours.

The magic of SRV's sound is the singing sustain without distortion. My new pedal does it the same. The guitar player gets a sweet sustaining tone that every player or listener loves.

Not less important is the playing feel. No effort for an awsome tone! The pedals response supports the player and let him feel good and play better.

Here's a sound-clip of the prototype: A Strat played through a Fender Deluxe, miked with a SM57:


A sound-clip will follow soon....