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I started winding and repairing pickups 25 years ago. But I really got into winding due to a electrical poor sounding Strat, which was acoustically very responsive and had a full and loud. I replaced the original pickups by all of the popular brands. But even the most expensive pickups did't convince in this Strat. After about ten sets I had enough and decided to give self-wound pickups a try. I started with the neck pickup, which is my favorite. After many attemts with different magnets and winding techniques my long search had an end! This pickup actually transported the acoustic properties of my Strat to the amp. Now I got these bell-like, open, airy highs without sounding hard or harsh. The bass range tight and without mud. I managed to wrap the middle and bridge pickups in the same way. These pickups sound just as open and wooden as a good vintage Strat. What I realized is, that really good pickups are able to improve the sound of a guitar (which of course must have good acoustic properties). Until then, I always was believing that every pickup should sound good on an electric guitar with good acoustic properties. That's definitely not the case, I know that now. My old problem Strat is now the most used one in my collection.


Pickup Models:

Strat-Set 60s:  Three PUs with medium output for an open, airy and woody tone.



Tele-Set 50s:  Sounds like the very early Tele PUs with a strong bridge PU and a neck PU with an open, percussive tone.




  • Custom Pickups (overwounds, underwounds, tapped coils etc.)

  • Pickup Rewinds (damaged Pickups rewinds)


all prices on request



Stefan Jahn

Email:   JCA@fn.de

Tel. 0151 70 11 4800