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This overdrive is refreshingly different! It is indistinguishable from an overdriven vintage Blackface amp. I am so convinced of the sound that I say: "The best overdrive pedal on the market!"
Perfect for an overdriven rhythm guitar. The tone character of the guitar remains the same and is always open, airy, extremely harmonious and dynamic. The drive ranges from barely audible to fat crunch. The Cut pot only trims the top heights. Ideal to adjust to the used amplifier. The "hair trimmer" inside the pedal plays a key role. With this it is possible to change the attack and the character of the overdrive extensively. At a minimum, the response is firm and unyielding. The further you turn up the control, the smoother the attack gets and there are additional, extremely harmonic distortions in the treble region. The feeling of playing makes you forget that you play into a pedal.
A superlative overdrive!

AND: The circuit works very quietly and eats only a minimum current (less than 4 mA). And like all JCA pedals, there is no loss of heighs when turning back the volume on the guitar. The dynamic remains. The following videos confirm this impressively...

Customers write:

...so I tried the BOD yesterday. I really don't know what to write here via WhatsApp ... except ... this is the best overdrive I've ever heard ...
The pedal is amazing! It's the allways-on-pedal, transparent, dynamic and somehow not a pedal, but somehow more airy like a part of the amplifier.
In addition two-dimensional distortions, if you listen carefully, something crackles behind the scenes and gives exactly this nice breakup.
I have to cope with that now ...
Connected, it's like an old friend who is there and somehow not intrusive, but who is missing when you turn it off.
Tell me, how do you come up with something like that? I still have to try the hair trimmer, yesterday was just gasping for air. Indescribable ...You didn't promise too much.
Thank you again I have to try this out now and enjoy.



  • 100% handmade in Germany
    Super stable housing made of die-cast aluminum
    Power supply via battery and external 9V DC power supply
    Super stable circuit board
    Critical components are hand selected and measured
    extremely low noise in operation and energy saving (below 4mA)
    True bypass
    Controls for drive, volume, cut, and hair (inside the pedal)
    The movement of the pots can be adjusted individually
    Bright status LED in red

Sounds on YouTube