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The S.R.Visionizer

Since Stevie Ray Vaughan's first album came out in 1983,  I'm addicted to his sound. To reproduce Stevie's tone, I did everything possible. I modified amps and pedals, winded pickups and did much more. I played the Fender SRV Strat and the Custom Vibroverb. And of course the TS 808 and TS 909. I always was very close, but I never really reached this goal.  For sure, the inimitable playing style of Stevie is one of the keys for this sound. However I noticed, when Stevie played sessions with other musician's guitars his sound is awsome too, but more "regular". The guess is obvious that his own guitars are modified. This sweet sparkling sound must have its source in the guitar. 

Many years I researched until I finally nailed it. My long search has an end.
Even the pickups are not too important. Any quality single coil does it. It's the same with amps. A good Fender combo is enough. No need for an expensive Dumble or Vibroverb. I have equipped all my guitars with it and since then I am happy with my tone. But for all active circuits a 9Volts battery is required. I know, that many guitarists do not want to have batteries in their instruments. But wait!!! What about the guitarists who play EMGs? Or the countless bass players who are used to have active electronics on board? Well, the good news is: An alkaline battery will last  2000 hours. If you are playing for two hours every day, one battery would last two years!


And how the installation is done?
The S.R.Visionizer has only four solder connections. In addition, the output jack must be replaced with a stereo jack, so that the battery can only draw power when the cable is plugged in. Fortunately the battery can be packed very easy into a Strat. A detailed guide for the conversion you'll find here:

If you have no experience with the soldering iron, there are two options:
- You hand over the conversion to the technician of your trust.
- I take over the conversion.

And the price? The next good news is: Not more expensive than a brand pickup! Only  99,00

Conclusion: It has never been easier and cheaper to faithfully reproduce the SRV sound. Hearing is believing! Please check out these videos. A standard Strat played dirctly into a Fender Deluxe Amp. and miked with a SM57.