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The new TWENTY II Amp! An Amp without compromise! With the aim to create THE TONE.

We guitar players love the sounds of our idols. But all classic amps are way too loud for small clubs or at home. They are heavy, expensive, and usually offer only one good sound. There should be an amp that is flexible in tone, easy to use and light. An amp, which offers the same sound at any volume, whether in the living room, in the studio or on stage. The JCA Twenty II was created out of this dilemma. The control options are reduced to the essentials. The rest is done on the guitar, just like in the good old days. With just one channel, the player is able to control all tone colors from clean to high-gain from the guitar. The transition from clean to high gain is extremely even, so countless degrees of distortion can be controlled with the attack and the volume pot of the guitar. Without any loss of tone! Distortion happens in the power tubes only. Preamp distortion never can offer such a liveliness, openness and dynamics. Because that can get very loud, there is the "PowerDimmer". It regulates the volume infinitely variable down to half a watt. Without killing dynamics, response, freshness and tone!
Each amp is completely handcrafted, extensively tested and optimized. Until I'm 100% satisfied with the result. That takes a lot of time, usually six to eight weeks. The result is a tone machine that will probably make any player happy. At a price that you would not expect from an amp "handbuilt in Germany".

The sound clips show the enormous flexibility of the amp. All recordings took place in the living room at half a watt volume. An SM57 in front of a 1/12 box loaded with a Celestion G12H. On all tracks, nothing was changed on the amp, only on the guitar. The recordings work very easily because the right tone is just there. Reverb was added later. Headphones are recommended for listening.

GreenO Strat

 BJ Blues 335

BadPi Strato

Blues Rock

Heavy Strat

Clean Strato

Blacknite Strat




Beano Sound

Humbucker Sound

Blackmore Sound

Tele Sound






NEW: Electrolyte caps goodbye! You will not find any electrolytic capacitors in JCA amps. There are several good reasons for this:
1. Film capacitors cannot dry out and are maintenance-free.
2. Film capacitors are characterized by low internal resistance (ESR), small inductances (ESL), high current carrying capacity and self-healing ability.
3. Time-consuming formatting is no longer necessary.
4. The sound comes even faster and more dynamic.

- Chassis made of 2 mm aluminum
- Headshell made of 18 mm solid pine (very stable but light)
- Tolex cover available in different colors and textures
- Piping in different colors
- Hardware in chrome or black
- Color of the pilot lamp in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or white
- Front logo made of stainless steel illuminated in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or white
- Dimensions: width 46 cm, height 23 cm, depth 23 cm, weight 10 kg
- Heavy-duty switches, jacks and pots
- Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Power Dimmer
- Line-out (back panel)
- POWER DIMMER: without loss of tone ane dynamics the amps volume can be reduced to half a watt of power.
- Handselected pre-tubes, matched power tubes
- Speaker connections: 4, 8, 16 ohms
- PTP wiring
- 20 watts (2 x EL84)
- The power tubes works with cathode bias. When changing the power tubes, no bias adjustment is necessary.