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"Model Twenty"



"Model Forty" with JCA 2/12 vertical speaker (2 x Celestion Vintage 30)




Made by the player for the player

"Everyone who plays and feels this amp wants to own it!"

For me a guitar amp is more important than a guitar. With a nice guitar and an average amp you would never be happy with the tone, but playing a superb amp will satisfy every guitarist.

  • the amp should sound at it's best already without boost or overdrive pedals

  • the amp must offer great dynamics

  • when rolling back the guitar's volume pot  the tone should clean up with sparkling highs

  • the amp should work with all kinds of PUs

  • the amp should sound good with all kinds of speakers

  • the amp should easily cut through the band mix

  • the amp should have pots only for: Volume, Bass, Mids, Treble and Presence

  • the amp must have a built-in power attenuator. From full power down to real bedroom level without any loss of tone.

Most players love simple amp designs. Plug in, play and feel good...    The JCA amp is able with only one channel to sound clean up to heavy crunch by just turning the guitar's volume knob. No loss of highs! So you get hundred of different sound colours by using the volume control.





I build two different models:

Modell Twenty:   20 watts PP Class A (2 x EL84)

Modell Forty:   40 watts PP Class A (2 x EL34)

Custom options included:

  • Tolex colour

  • Piping colour

  • Hardware in silver or black

  • Pilot lamp colour in white, amber, red, purple, green, blue or clear

  • Front logo illumination in red, blue, green, yellow or white

  • Line output

  • New: POWER DIMMER attenuator. Dimms the volume down to real beedroom level. Without any loss of tone!




    new sound-clips comming soon