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Should clean sounds really sound absolutely clean? Well, there are certainly examples where this seems to make sense. However, the fact is that the playing feel suffers with such sounds. The response seems stiff and it sounds thin and sterile.
And this is where the DRECKSAU BOOSTER comes into play...
Harmonic overtones make the sound lively and three-dimensional. The sustain appears longer and the organic tone inspires. No, this booster don't wanna be a clean booster! Already in the minimum position of the More control, the tone takes on a delightfully sweet touch. This can be continuously increased until at maximum an airy, open low-gain-drive pleases the player. BTW, the DRECKSAU offers up to 35 db gain.
Distorted sounds also gain enormously from the complex texture. Here's an example: 

The Contour switch offers three presets:
- in position S (scoop) the upper mids are minimally cut.
- in position P (presence) the upper mids are slightly boosted.
- in position F (flat) the mids sound balanced.

And the DRECKSAU is also very interesting for bass players and even keyboard players. Trying out is highly recommended!
With a battery consumption of only 2.5 mA, the device is very economical.
Each pedal is unique and 100% Handmade in Germany. A booster that should not be missing on any board.




"MORE" Low          "MORE" Mid           "MORE" High



  • 100% made in Germany

  • Super sturdy housing made of die-cast aluminum

  • Heavy-duty input and output jacks

  • Silent footswitch

  • Critical components are selected and calibrated

  • Low noise operation and low power consumption (4mA)

  • True Bypass

  • Boost up to 34 db

  • Controls for Volume and More

  • Contour Switch with three positions: Scoop, Peak, Flat

  • Individually adjustable controls

  • Bright status LED in white

  • Power supply via external 9-18V DC power supply unit or 9V Battery