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Fuzz Ace


Review in the Guitar & Bass Magazine

The fuzz effect seems to be a favorite theme in the boutique scene. Almost every  manufacturer dedicates one or more pedals to that special  sound, that has fascinated guitarists since the 1960s. Jahn Custom Audio (JCA) introduces the FUZZ ACE, placing it in the temperate corner of the fuzz universe - where the ProCo Rat meets the Big Muff. You will not hear any crazy, broken or viciously  sounds. There are fat to middle-emphasized sounds, good for blues and rock. With the toggle switch on the head end, the fuzz can be turned into distortion. The FUZZ ACE delivers a powerful, assertive basic sound, which can be modified with the toggle switch, especially in the gain and bass range. At low gain settings, the differences are larger than with hi-gain sounds. The FUZZ ACE is finally one of the good guys. The look of the pedal is pretty chic and in fine nuances the aluminum die-cast shimmers through the printing. The inside consists of high-quality components only. The quality and haptic is high end. And the sound is right: The level control delivers very high volumes. The tone pot offers a lot of tonal shades in combination with the gain pot.  From very mild distorted to the mighty oppressive hi-gain, a lot is possible here. The first half of the tone control is perfect for low-gain sounds. From the middle then it also cleares up Hi-Gain sounds to sound almost biting in the last quarter. Outstanding is the dynamics of the pedal, which impresses even at sustaining high gain sounds. The fuzz control works not perfectly even and only starts to work properly from the middle of its control path. But that does not bother, because the FUZZ ACE works perfectly with the volume pot of the guitar. So let's go, turn up the fuzz knob and then everything from the almost clean to the hi-gain will be controlled with the guitar pot! That's the way it used to be and so it works today. A great pedal, Made in Germany and not that expensive...



I never liked the classic fuzz tones. Way too muddy, woolly, no definition. Why not go a different way and create a fuzz without all these disadvantages? Combining the raw character with stability, dynamics an a good cut through the mix...

So, here it is! With the toggle switch on left there is the PLEXMAN's fuzz sound, but with lots of more gain. If you switch right to the fuzz mode you get a fuzz out of hell. This fuzz is able to play chords, give lots of sustain and an even decay. It's dynamics is superb. Roll back your volume on the guitar and you get a nice clean tone with sparkling highs. With the tone knob your are able to create many different colors. All the knobs can be adjusted in their movement individually. This makes it impossible for the pots to move during transport.


FUZZ ACE-Users write:

"After searching a long time for a suitable fuzz sound, I found what I was looking for with the FUZZ ACE. Who expects sick and wacky should look somewhere else. However, if you like it in between fuzz and distortion sounds and optimal enforcement in the band structure, you will be well served here."

"The Fuzz Ace is exactly what I've always been looking for! I don't really like the synthetic sounds that the originals from the 60s have. The character of my guitars is retained with the Fuzz Ace and yet your pedal has its own sound, who really pleases me. Thanks for the great box! "