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Review in the Guitar & Bass Magazine

According to manufacturer JCA the PLEXMAN is the egg-laying wool-milk-pig in terms of distortion. The reason for this claim can be found in the mini-switch, which is located between the drive and level controls. It's three positions are named with "Leo", "Jim" and "Fuzz", so everyone knows what's meant. The housing is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum, input and output jacks are from Neutrik, the footswitch is a heavy duty one (True Bypass), and on some components the manufacturer relies on expensive NOS parts.  Interesting detail btw: The movement of the pots is adjustable!  But what will the men Leo, Jim and Fuzz tell us?  Well, Leo would not turn around in his grave for sure. A typical Fender-style overdrive like an overdriven Champ or Princeton.  Very pleasant harmonics and not  scratchy. Turning the switch to Jim, it's going to be British. The sound gets aggressive, more scratchy, and with a lot of punch. It actually sounds like a good, overdriven Marshall. You really can work with this sound! And now Mr. Fuzz: Who is looking for fat, warm and singing sustain la Big Muff is not served. Even brutal Zvex sounds (such as Fuzz Factory) are not it's thing. Rather, here presents a nice, round, non-synthetic rock sound, which comes along with a lot of punch and reminding on a moderately adjusted Fuzz Face. Somewhere in the middle of no-mans-land between distortion and typical silicon fuzz, the Plexman Fuzz is at home. Nice that even humbucker guitars with full opened drive control do not drift into muddy sounds. I really liked this third sound with it's grip and power, because it proves a strong character. In order to find the sweet spot and the appropriate volume of each of these three sounds, different positions of the level and voice controls are required. So switching back and forth, without adjusting, is not so easy.The made in Germany PLEXMAN is a reliable, really good triple-distortion pedal, which offers many sounds in a small space.



This pedal is unique: Overdrive, Distortion an Fuzz in just one pedal. The PLEXMAN sets new benchmarks in the huge market of overdrive and distortion pedals. Three completely different characters by the flick of the switch.

With the switch in the "LEO" position a tweed dream comes true. Super sweet at low drive settings and fully overdriven like a tweed Bassman. Exceptional musical distortion in all settings. The player feels the tone and gets inspired. "Texas tone at it's best".

With the switch in the "JIM" position you get that classic Marshall Plexi tone with a distortion range from a light saturation to high gain. The sound supports the player with good action, punch and sustain. It never sounds washed out or muddy. Chords can be played even at high gain! "Balls to the wall!"

With the switch in the "FUZZ" position the pedal turns into a Fuzz monster. Inspired by the original Fuzz Face, but without sounding muffling and muddy. This Fuzz carries the player, the sustain is even unlike the originals. A huge advantage is the tone control in the Fuzz mode. The player gets suported by the attack and the sustain of the Fuzz. "Voodoo chile!"

All the knobs can be adjusted in their movement individually. This makes it impossible for the pots to move during transport.

The PLEXMAN is 100% handbuilt in Germany and is made of quality parts only. Every unit gets tested intensively before shipping.