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The brandnew TEXAS FLOOD S.E.

The popular Texas Flood pedal is available in the new "Second Edition".
Circuitry and sound remain unchanged.
Differences to the predecessor:
- The sustain control covers a wider range. From clean, as with the first model, to rich saturation.
- the enclosure in an attractive "silver bar design". Each pedal a handmade unique piece.


"SRV in a box"

The TEXAS FLOOD pedal offers authentic SRV tone, so to speak a "Stevie in a box". The following control options are available: Sustain, Volume, Body and Sweet. All knobs work evenly and allow a very wide spectrum of sounds. What does the TEXAS FLOOD sound like? Reference for the sound is Stevie's first album "Texas Flood", which offers the ultimate blues sound for me and for most fans. The magic in Stevie Ray Vaughan's sound is that he has a good sustain in spite of his (relatively) clean sound. This quality also offers the TEXAS FLOOD. Distortion as such is not perceived superficially. It creates this sweet, singing tone that gets every guitarist and listener into ecstasy. At least as important is the play feeling. The player does not have to fight for good sound. The response of the pedal supports the player in a pleasant manner. It is inspiring. The only requirement is to connect the pedal in front of a clean set amp. The TEXAS FLOOD never sounds and feels like a pedal. It reacts always like a good tube amp. Without loss of any heights and dynamics, the volume control on the guitar get a powerful tool to shape the guitar's tone.





Customers say:


"Thank you so much for the excellent communication, service and Rocket Fast Shipping!! The pedal is PHENOMENAL!!  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am. The tone,  multiple adjustments, quality of built  etc. is just superior to any Boss etc pedal. I have given your info to several of my friends who I believe most likely will purchase one as well. Thank you again for everything. I will keep monitoring your website for new products."




"man,the pedal is amazing. I'm so happy with it!"




"Absolutely convincing pedal! Got actually this SRV edge, this bell-like, slightly glassy sound that you can't describe easily. Sounds good on its own with low volume in the living room, but also very good playes loudly and in a blues band context. Also works superb behind a TS. In comparison, it is noticeable that other pedals sound less lively and direct. Absolutely recommendation!!!!"




"Just letting you know. Oh yes, it is friggin' fantastic! Very happy with it! Many thanks!"




"Stefan, this pedal is magical. I've spent way too much looking for the right drive and this is it. Thank you for your hard work.

Stevie Ray Vaughan earned the 'Texas phenom' moniker in 1983 when the album Texas Flood was released. Sticking to that rich history, Stefan created a phenomenal pedal when he created the Texas Flood SE. It's not your average drive. The upper limit of the gain is higher than its predecessor but never muddy, always clear, dynamic, and most importantly, musical. It can do everything from 'Lenny' to 'Texas Flood,' even crossing over into creamy, smooth John Mayer tones. Higher gain gets you into that vintage rock/southern rock world. Single coils sound magical through it, but it also takes humbuckers well. I've searched high and low for the right drive for my style to accompany my D-style modded Hot Rod Deluxe, and I finally found a unique circuit that maintains the players' touch while ever-so-gently getting that natural tube-driven vibe. It's been hard to put the guitar down since receiving it. Thank you for creating this pedal with care and mindfulness - it's truly amazing.


I wish you and yours a merry Christmas!"




"I've been playing your Texas Flood pedal for more than two years. I am a huge fan of it!!! I use it on two different boards. I own a lot of overdrive and boost pedals. I'm not as happy with any of them as I am with yours!"


"Received pedal many thanks… just tried it…it made the two old digital practice amps sound incredible…. The demos on YouTube do not do justice it, it sounds much better.
I normally use a Keeley moded 808 after a Silver Archer (klon style). I am now re thinking the stacking order…. I can’t wait to get this home next week and try it on the Fender valve amps and use it live
Many thanks."


"The Texas Flood pedal is the absolute perfection for that SRV live sound! It's almost a combo of the Vibroverb and the Dumble together. Right now, I can run the pedal by itself for verse/chorus and then during the lead I add the Tube Screamer and it's perfect! Thanks so much!"


"Hi Stefan, thanks again for the fast shipping of the Texas Flood pedal. I have to say, I am absolutely overwhelmed. The pedal is made absolutely first-class and plays quite easy in the league of much larger manufacturers, such as Fulltone or Elektro Harmonix. You can hear and feel immediately that you worked here with a lot of passion and know-how. Absolutely genius are the controls. Everything feels high quality and durable. Also, the graphic design is amazing and with it's "Custom" sticker the Texas Flood is real cult. The pedal is Made in Germany, the sound is Made in Texas. Played in front of a Fender Deluxe Reverb, with Fender Strat, Texas Specials, I get the three-dimensional, clean but slightly overdriven Strat sound, for which SRV has become so famous. The fundamental tone of the Fender amp is not changed at all. You have more attack and pressure, it smacks, sings and rings, the low E string responses, as if you have turned up the amp fully. At the same time the amp greatly reacts to the attack. Softly hit, clean and hard hit, with clear overdrive. You always have the feeling that you are not using a pedal, but an amp that moves in the absolute sweetspot - without your ears falling off. I always thought volume was the only way to the SRV sound. Apparently did not quite agree. If you turn back the guitar's volume pot, it will be pretty clear. There's nothing muddy, so it's really big fun. The Texas Flood harmonies perfectly with other pedals. I've got the Texas Flood stuck on my pedalboard with a Fulltone OCD, a Maxon 808 and I have to say, that's really the Stratsound I always wanted. I can hardly believe that I had to wait so long. I do not give away the Texas Flood anymore."


"You're the only one who managed to get the sound to the point. The S.R.V.isioniser isn't bad either, but the Texas Flood tops all of the boutique pedals I own ...
The only thing you could do would be a 9V battery and then a bigger case, but the sound is really incredible. I even have an 82 TS9, but the Texas Flood is better.
But I haven't checked the S.R.V.isionizer yet. It sounds cool, but the touch is somehow more differentiated, clearer, more central. More "live without you" - sounding. In any case, everything was great. Wait when the crisis is over, I order an amp. Stay healthy !!!"


"Hi Stefan, I've tried your Texas Flood pedal yesterday night during a show. First impression, very cool sound !!! Immediatly great tone on my amp with a Strat. I#m very impressed! I will try it on my twin quickly. I've switched off all my other pedals. Only the Texas Flood, with a Fulltone wah and a univibe...top! Thanks a lot. Your pedal is great ! Merry christmas."


"I love this pedal! I do not sound like Stevie and I don't want to - I am Mitch. I use a bit more distortion. When I heard the pedal on YouTube, it sounded like the type of treble booster I was looking for, plus enough controls to tweak as I please. I rarely take it off. It is just part of MY sound. Love it. Thank you!"


Review in the Gitarre & Bass Magazine

JCA (Jahn Custom Audio) has launched the Texas Flood Booster, a pedal designed to recreate the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The pedal is absolutely well made, the board makes a very robust impression, there are only high quality components used. The four controls are pretty stiff and under the Knobs there are hided small silicone rings, which ensure that the pots can not easily deadjusted by accident. If this is too tight, the rings can be easily removed of course. The controls are a gain pot (SUS), a dual band tone control (BODY and SWEET), and a volume knob (VOL). For the test, I've set the amplifier perfectly clean and start with the SUS-pot at about nine o'clock. The sound remains almost completely clean, only the compression increases quite discreetly, whereby one can tickle the amplifier with the volume reserves of the pedal real strong. The two tone controls for the bass and treble content of the signal prove to be extremely effective. Above all, the sweet poti I find very useful - here, the sound is given a silky touch and humbuckers get a nice, crisp bite. If you then carefully increase the SUS pot, the sound gets a little more hairy, until then - from the twelve o'clock position of the SUS control - the first real overdrive is heard. The sound character remains very pleasing over the entire control zone, but still has the necessary twang to get close to the SRV sound. I also like the fact that the pedal responds very dynamically to the picking attack and the volume pot of the guitar. All in all, the Texas Flood Booster is definitely a must for all fans of the US blues legend - given the build quality, there is a great-sounding pedal at a fair price.



- 100% made in Germany
- Super sturdy housing made of die-cast aluminum
- Heavy-duty input and output jacks
- Heavy-duty footswitch
- Super stable circuit board, plated through
- Critical components are selected and calibrated
- Low noise operation and low power consumption (less than 8mA)
- True Bypass
- Controls for Sustain, Volume, Lo and Hi
- Individually adjustable controls
- Bright status LED in blue
- Power supply via external 9V DC power supply unit