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The only pedal that reproduces the legendary tone of Ritchie Blackmore in 1972!

Machine Head, Fireball, Made In Japan - The guitar sound of these albums is the benchmark for countless guitarists. A sound sought like the Holy Grail. This search has an end! The double pedal, consisting of the ingenious BOD OVERDRIVE and a modified TREBLE BOOSTER in the style of the RANGE MASTER. When the booster is switched on, the harmonic, airy, open overdrive of the BOD turns into Ritchie Blackmore's trademark sound of the early 70s. Tone, feel and dynamics make you forget that you play a pedal.


Customers write:

Hello Stefan,


 "Hi Stefan,
needed to give you some quick feedback on the BOD Deluxe after one month.
The pedal is absolutely amazing. It took me a little time to get the right settings, but now I got
"purest Blackmore sound"! The tone also cuts through very well in the band context.

Best regards, Ralf"



"Hi Stefan, I finally got and tested the pedal. This is my conclusion:

I love Blackmore and his sound, but this pedal does more than that. It can also easily get SRV and many other sounds. For all Strat and Tele players, this is a "dream drive" pedal. In short, it's a pedal I was searching for and it will stay on my pedal board for sure. Many thanks"



"Just got the pedal today and plugged it in. Amazing!!! It has an amazing sound and lots of ways to play with it which I love. It works great with all my other pedals too. I love the boost feature it gives me a beefier and darker sound to my guitar (Strat).
So awesome, I just love playing it with the pedal always on!!! Get all the classic Ritchie sounds as well as some new sounds. Thanks so much!!!"


"Plugged into my Vox AC30 and turned down the volume to give a clean sound. Connected the BOD, with a little delay, and it sounds very similar to Mistreated, one of my favorite Deep Purple songs. I'm very happy with the pedal because it creates that fantastic Ritchie Blackmore sound. I also tried the BOD DELUXE on my ENGL Ritchie Blackmore and although I never achieved Ritchie's tone with that amp, it sounds great with the BOD now. I'm very impressed with the pedal and very happy."


"Hi Stefan,
I tried my brand new BOD Deluxe today and I'm really, really happy with it. A very pleasant organic distortion that does not hurt the ears but really makes fun to play. My deepest respect! When I opened the pedal and  I saw how few components can create such a first-class sound, I was very impressed. Many manufacturers use tons of parts and it doesn't sound nearly as organic like this pedal. I didn't use the "hair-trimmer-pot" inside yet, but the sound is already superb. I'm very happy that I invested the money. Thanks again for the first class work and best regards."


Now Iíve had the BOD Deluxe for about 6 months, and Iíve tested it with my different amps (Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb and Vibrolux Reverb, Liíl Dawg ęTop DawgĽhandwired Bassman). I was looking for a pedal that would give me that early 70s Blackmore sound, Iíve looked and searched for years, now my tonequest is finally over. The BOD Deluxe together with my 1977 Strat and Liíl Dawg amp (and also the Fender amps) totally nails Blackmores Machine Head and his Live from New York sound, but is also very close to Burn and Stormbringer. This is the absolute best pedal Iíve ever had for that particular sound, and Iíve tried them all:) Itís even bettersounding than my Vox AC30/6TB with BSM HS-C Treble Booster, and that is almost the setup Blackmore used during the early 70s. In the future I may order another one.


the pedal is there. I tried it out right away - yeah, awesome, I'm really excited :-))) Thank you very much! I wish you a good time and continued success and many ideas for new pedals !


wow ... that is unbelievable ... that is really the coolest sound out there ... the booster is awesome ... I have to test it extensively over the weekend. I'm afraid I'll have to sell a couple of pedals now because a Boss Bluesdriver is nothing against this pedal. With the Super Reverb it only sounds great ... because you have reverb ... and the BOD sound is awesome! What I like is that you can switch from clean to crunch and to lead and the tone and character of the guitar doesn't change, just the gain. With one pedal!





- Extremely robust housing

- Electronics hand-wired

- Extremely low noise

- Extremely low power consumption, 5 mA

- Extreme dynamics

- Extremely high addiction factor

- Extremely high envy factor

- Ritchie Blackmore in a box

- All connections on the head side

- Power supply via battery and external 9V DC power supply

- True bypass

- High efficient LEDs in blue and red

- Makes all other overdrive and distortion pedals unnecessary

- 100% handmade in Germany

- Exclusively at the JCA Custom Shop